Neurodon focuses on the synapse itself, not just amyloid. In this way, we target the ensemble of pathology in Alzheimer's Disease, which will enable effective therapies.
Neurodon science is different. Unlike the failed clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease which focus solely on amyloid plaques; we focus upstream of amyloid plaque formation, namely synaptic function. We have found that calcium handling is intimately linked to the multiple pathophysiological features of Alzheimer's disease. We have designed potent, proprietary, and drug-like compounds that fix synaptic function and lead to enhancements in memory, cognition and function in multiple animal models of AD.
Neurodon compounds heal AD neurons! By restoring calcium homeostasis, we fix memory and cognition. 
Neurodon compounds also inhibit amyloid plaque formation, an important biomarker of AD.